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Wooden Soap Saver


  • Real Pine Wood

  • .
  • Heat treated, sealed with pine resin and beeswax

  • .
  • Increase soap life

  • .
  • Allows air flow around soap

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Benefits:  your soap – dry soap last longer and saves you money!!!


Miss Jenny’s Soap savers were created to help your favorite handmade soap last longer as you Wash… and be Clean!

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Miss Jenny’s Soap savers are your soaps best friend.

Up-lifting and lengthen the life of your soap by simply allowing the soap to dry. Water drainage is essential to the life of your soap. Our soap savers are crafted in such a way that it allows the moisture to drain away leaving your soap and saver to dry. Each soap saver has been heat infused with pine resin and beeswax to help preserve the quality of the pine wood as it is exposed to the soap and water.

How To use:

  • Place a bar of wet soap on the soap saver, as it rest on the raised wood, the water drains away through the grooves, allowing the soap and saver to dry.
  • These soap savers can also be used as drying racks for luffs, sea sponges, and scrubbers.

What are they made from?

  • Miss Jenny’s Soap Savers are made of all natural pine-wood.
  • They have been heat treated with 100% natural pine resin and beeswax.

Do you want your favorite soap to last longer?

  • Keep your soap Dry and out of the water!
  • Wet your hands; rub them about on a Dry bar of soap.
  • Return the soap to the Dry soap saver,
  • Work up lather, Wash away the old, rinse and be Clean!

Lengthen the life of your soap and soap saver!


Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 3.875 × 3.125 × .5 in