What… is Castile Soap?

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Bubble Blog, Uncategorized

The term Castile soap originated in the Castilla region of Spain. Due to the soap makers in this regions ability to produce hard white bars of soap out of their abundant resource olive oil. This soap was made from 100% pure Olive oil and lye water and became very popular with the Spanish royalty back in the day because the soaps whiteness was seen as a sign of purity.

In America today the term castile soap is used very loosely to describe soaps bars and liquid made from vegetable oil sources. However, in America’s history we had a soap called Lye soap.  Lye soap was commonly used and made from the abundant resource of lard hogs. To find out more about that check out my article: Telling the Truth about lye soap. Dr. Emmanuel Bronner created castile soap back in the 0000 made with hemp, castor, olive, coconut oil and other vegetable oils and is one of the most famous castile soaps today.

I make Miss Jenny’s  castile soap with 80 % olive oil as the main ingredient and 20 % coconut oil is added to encourage larger bubbles.  So, when the Olive oil and Lye water are mixed, over time they saponify and become soap and glycerin, leaving you with a beautiful bar of hard white soap. It is gentle and can be used to wash almost anything that needs soap and water to be clean!

I love making my castile soap with 80% Olive oil and 20% Coconut oil. If you have trouble with coconut oil check out my 100% pure olive oil soap called Pure.

Enjoy and God Bless as you Wash… and be Clean!

Miss Jenny