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Calendula and Rose


Miss Jenny absolutely loves the healing power and beauty of the yellow Calendula flowers. Combined with Rose geranium they have the reputation of healing, soothing, calming, and beautifying our lives.

So if you struggle with sensitive skin and need a gentle, soothing soap give Calendula and Rose a try.


Miss Jenny’s Calendula and Rose Soap is a union of flowers that will have a soothing effect on your skin and emotions. Rose Geranium and Calendula flowers are healing and gently astringent. Combined in this soap they offer a soothing touch to tender skin. This is a delicate soap use to wash sunburns, rash, eczema, dry, chapped or irritated skin.

Miss Jenny’s Soap base:
The soap base itself is made with Miss Jenny’s very own recipe that she formulated to be long lasting, gently to the skin, and have a large amount of bubbles. All her regular soaps are based on an Appalachian American twist to a Castile soap. She uses tallow with a large amount of Olive oil and Coconut oil to create a wonderful soap base and when the time is right she will add the special ingredients that give the soaps their smell and color, all natural and pronounceable. After the soap is made it has been dried for 30 days or longer so that it will last “you” longer when it comes in contact with the water.

Special Ingredients:
Calendula flower’s yellow petals have quite the reputation for 1st aide treatments – cuts scrapes, scalds, cleansing antiseptic, anti- inflammatory, fungal, itchy skin rashes, eczema, and much more.
Rose Geranium Essential oil softly scents this lovely yellow soap. It is know to have the ability to uplift and sedate, while at the same time balancing oily and dry skin.

Enjoy the simple pleasure of Miss Jenny’s Calendula and Rose soap as it uplifts and gently inspires you to Wash… and be clean!

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Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 3.5 × 1 in

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